Parents can be a great resource for their kids about issues such as sexuality to economic well-being, but many parents find it challenging to talk to their kids about such important topics. Here are tools you can use as a parent to help guide these conversations with your child. Remember you are equipped to help your child through this important transition from adolescent to adult.

Modules in this section are divided by topic including Avoiding Adolescent Problem Behaviors, Raising Healthy Latino Youth, Bridging Two Worlds, and Money and your Family: Economic Well-being.

Avoiding Adolescent Problem Behaviors describes ways you can help guide your child through their teen years and help them stay away from behaviors that negatively affect their health, including topics like HIV/STD and unintended pregnancies, drug use, obesity, school dropout, and depression/suicide.

Raising Healthy Latino Youth describes ways you can help maintain your adolescent's confidence and help them to believe in themselves as they move through adolescence, including topics like physical development, emotional development, and moral development.

Bridging Two Worlds describes methods for integrating the immigrant experience into your child's life here in the US and how to maintain cultural balance, including topics like acculturation/adaptation and border health.

Money and your Family's Economic Well-being examines ways to engage your children around issues of family finances, including topics like money management, unemployment, and home ownership.